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No More Excuses – Start with Simple Exercises

girl-joggingAs they watch their favorite celebrities on TV, people often wonder how these stars maintain the perfect body even in their 60′s. Well, if you get off that couch, try to be more active and keep away from junk food, you can absolutely be just like like. A lot of celebrities work hard for a rockin’ body, and so must you. And don’t try to make excuses like “i’m too busy” or “it’s too expensive. Most of us work 8-hour shifts, and if you have the time to sot in front of the tv a couple of hours, then you definitely have time to exercise.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to shell out cash every month for plyometrics classes, nor do you need to hire a personal trainer or nutritionist. All you really need is to eat healthy, do exercises that can easily fit into your lifestyle and practice self-discipline. Get familiar with the FDA’s food pyramid and be sure to examine the nutritional information on your food labeling. More on food labeling and FDA compliance here.

  • Go for a Run – Cardio workout is essential if you want to achieve a great body and overall health, and going for a run is an excellent for of cardio. Unless you live in a busy city with people walking in the street all the time, there’s really no point of going to the gym and hitting the treadmill. You can just start from outside your home and run several blocks and back, or if you live near the beach, you can run the whole stretch of that powdery white sand.
  • Take on Sports – If you love the water, then why not do several laps in the pool. Swimming is an excellent choice of sport, especially for those who live nearby public swimming pools or those with actual pools in their houses. They’re not just there for the summer, you know.

But if swimming isn’t your thing, then do a sport you’re most fond of. It is more encouraging when you’re actually doing something you love. If you used to play tennis when you were younger, then it’s by time you get back into the sport. If you’ve always wanted to join your friends in playing volleyball, then you could ask them to teach you what you need to know. There are lots of sports to choose from. You only need to pick one.

  • Meditate – Many don’t realize that stress hinders us from achieving overall health. It actually predisposes us to certain medical conditions like a heart attack or stroke and even psychiatric concerns. The easiest way you can counter stress is by taking a minute to meditate. There are many forms of meditation, and you only have to pick one that best helps you relax. And another great thing about meditation – you can do it while at the workplace and in the comfort of your own home.
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Healthy Lunch Alternative at the Workplace

healthy-lunches-for-work-1There is something different going on where I work, and I have to say my co-workers and I are enjoying the change. We all work at Delsea Auto Insurance Agency and there’s a lunchroom available to us with a very small cafeteria. We can use the refrigerator located there if we decide to bring in our own lunches, or we can order from the lunchroom staff, but that’s not always appealing. It’s typically overpriced food that is not really all that palatable. Picture airport food, or something along the lines of hospital cafeteria food and you have the general idea.

Corporate must have noticed we weren’t taking advantage of the lunchroom offerings because, out of nowhere, we noticed renovations occurring. For about two weeks, we had to use one of the empty conference rooms as a temporary break room while construction occurred. When the final reveal was presented to the staff, we were dumbstruck. Not only did the lunchroom take on an entirely different look, but we had many more options available to us. We had more tables to dine at, there were more ports for us to plug our devices in to, televisions hung from two corners, there were two more windows (there was only one previously), and soft music played in the background.

We started noticing a change in how we felt immediately. The lunchroom’s vending machines filled with candy and soda were replaced with vending machines filled with juices, deli sandwiches, and healthy snacks. Instead of a al carte area where employees could choose microwaved slices of pizza, a hamburger, or some other quick option, higher quality foods were served. Now, we can order from a cold-served gluten-free menu, create salads from a fresh salad bar, and order fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Instead of drinking vending machine coffee, we can also drink premium coffees. This has made a difference because, in addition to tasting better, I don’t mind staying in the office longer instead of going out for coffee during breaks. It’s so much easier to run down the hall, grab a cup and select from one of the dozens of choices. This is especially true on busy workdays when I know the weather is bad and the last thing I want to do is fight traffic. This is true in the lunchroom, too. Instead of heading out for lunch, most of us decided to utilize the facilities. It’s more cost-effective and it’s a huge time saver. We could also hit up the lunchroom when we needed to stay late at work and needed a small snack.

I’m so thankful for these changes because before, when the old lunchroom was there, the only options for out of the office lunches were fast food. I don’t mind that every once in a while, but that kind of food always makes me feel sluggish. When I feel that way midday, it’s so difficult to get through the rest of my work. With healthier food and the ability to run in for a quick snack or good coffee, I feel so much better throughout the day.

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Simple Activities that Keep Us Fit and Healthy

Simple Activities that Keep Us Fit and HealthySome people choose not to be physically active because they think that all the physical effort they would put into an exercise routine will just make them even more exhausted. What they don’t understand is that part of being fit and healthy requires you to avoid a sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. However, there are simpler tasks you can do to achieve wellness.

  • Make a habit of stretching before you head to be. Grab your toes and pull, as this will improve your body’s circulation. And with proper circulation, our muscles and nerves will be able to function properly, preventing you from experiencing pain in the knee, back and hip area.
  • Simple exercises such as jumping jacks give you quite the advantage. Do about 25 reps. Being able to move your body, even in just a brief amount of time, can actually help elevate your mood, making you less susceptible to being overcome by stress.
  • We need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day, but a lot of people, kids especially, choose to stay up late texting and manipulating their phones. Try to place phones on silent mode during the evenings so that you get to sleep early and sleep soundly.
  • When we have kids, doctors and other health professionals emphasize the importance of completing immunizations. What most people aren’t aware of, however, is that shots are important even through their adult years. Get yourself protected with flu shots every year, as well as other immunizations such as those for cervical cancer.
  • Monitor the steps you make every day. You can do this with the help of activity trackers such as the Nike FuelBand. Studies have shown that those who do become more aware of their daily activities and are more encouraged to become more active.
  • Go for a short run early in the morning or maybe just take a trip to the nearest coffee shop in your area. Exposure to sunlight early in the morning can help normalize your body clock so you won’t feel groggy the rest of the day. Plus, the fresh air can help increase oxygen flow to the brain and increase levels of endorphins.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror. That’s right. Asses your body for any signs of abnormalities. Look for strange developments such as an irregular shaped mole, and do a monthly self breast examination. These help you detect early signs of cancer.
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