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Proper Diet and Exercise Do Wonders For Your Skin

Proper Diet and Exercise Do Wonders For Your SkinExercise and balanced diet can work together to optimize your body and skin health. For most of us, it’s very difficult to balance a fit body and optimal skin appearance over an extended period of time. While body fat does make your face look better, you really need to work hard at lowering it down if you want to get into better shape. Is there a way to stay fit and beautiful at the same time? Being informed of the right nutrition and exercise can give you your best glow ever.

Skin Health and Nutrition

Most people have experienced and struggled with skin conditions at some point in time. Skin problems like acne, rosacea, dark spots, dry skin, and wrinkles are just some of the common issues people of all ages encounter. Where have they gone wrong? Perhaps, imbalanced nutrition is the culprit. Your skin is what you eat. Your food choices directly influence the health and vibrancy of your skin. By making simple changes to your daily diet, you can greatly improve the appearance of your skin.

beautiful skinOne of the most effective ways to treat skin conditions and improve the appearance of your skin is to consume foods rich in nutrients known to play a role in the growth and immunity of one’s skin. Having vitamin A in your diet is essential in the treatment of skin conditions like acne, eczema, cold sores, sun burn, psoriasis and ichthyosis. Vitamin A contains retinol, an important nutrient that helps diminish visible signs of aging and complements the skin’s natural process to reduce the appearance of pore size.

Increasing the amount of vitamin C in the diet also contributes to improved skin health and faster healing. Dark leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, bell pepper, guava, and strawberries are some of the highest sources of vitamin A. Zinc is another essential mineral necessary for the skin’s immune function, protein synthesis, DNA synthesis and cell division. Dietary sources of zinc include red meat from beef and lamb, organ meats, seafoods, pumpkin seeds and nuts among others.

Exercise Your Way to a Healthier Skin

exerciseA daily consumption of certain nutrients good for the skin will be put to waste if you didn’t circulate them with exercise. Doing regular exercise can make your skin look and feel fantastic. Working up a good sweat dilates your pores and expels trapped dirt and oil from your skin. When you exercise, your skin opens up and allows blood to circulate and deliver nutrients to areas damaged by the sun and environmental pollutants. Because nutrients are delivered efficiently, the collagen producing cells in the skin known as fibroblasts are also able to function fully making you look younger.

Exercise is the best way to achieve increased circulation in your body. If you get up and went for a walk or a run, your heart pumps up more liters of blood per minute. Increased blood flow revs up the immune system because white blood cell production is optimized. This means fewer bacteria and viruses could creep up your system. Lastly, exercise alerts your body to the stress hormone cortisol which enhances sleep. Sleeping better makes your skin fresh and younger looking. Simply put, exercising boosts your skin health and adds a natural glow on your face.

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Health Benefits Associated with Swimming

Health Benefits Associated with SwimmingSwimming is one exercise that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. From infants to the elderly, being in the water offers a variety of therapeutic benefits. Even people who have a debilitating illness that makes movement difficult can benefit from a short period of exercise in the pool. Regular aquatic exercise is extremely beneficial for the heart and circulatory system and can also strengthen other muscle groups within the body.

Reduces the Effects of Gravity

On land, gravity can make it difficult to perform many different kinds of exercise, especially if a person is hindered by limited mobility or excess weight. Pool experts agree that water reduces the affect gravity has on the body and creates a weightless environment to exercise in. A person who is moving in the water, no longer has to fight gravity. Instead, the only thing offering resistance is the water itself.  Exercise, water aerobics and playing pool games are some of the best ways to reduce the effects of gravity.

Being in a weightless state offers the body the ability to move freely. For individuals with disabilities, this freedom of movement provides them the means to exercise in ways there body will permit. Muscle groups are used that normally are not targeted during other types of exercise. Because more muscles are used and there is less gravity to pull on the body, the joints are allowed to move without being stressed.

Burns an Abundance of Calories

Aquatic exercise involves the entire body. Even if one part of the body is not being used, the water surrounding it is pushing it along, providing a modest amount of resistance. If a person is exercising slowly and steadily, they can burn as many as 500 calories per hour. An individual who is exercising vigorously can burn as many as 700 calories in an hour. The main point to be taken from this is that, movement in the water uses all parts of the body in a way exercise on land does not.

Aerobics and other cardio exercises performed outside of the pool only work specific parts of the body. In the water, the entire body receives benefit. The water creates resistance equal to the amount of force used to move the body through it. If a person moves forcefully through the water, the water resists that movement with the same amount of force, burning more calories and increasing muscle strength. Physical endurance is also increased.


Improves Range of Motion and Flexibility

In the weightless environment water provides, joints are able to move without the stress of the body’s mass forcing them to move in ways that are uncomfortable. Moving the body through the water, strengthens the muscles without stressing the joints. For individuals with arthritis or other forms of joint and bone disease, swimming is the most beneficial way to exercise. If a condition has progressed to the point where range of motion is limited, exercising in the pool can gradually reverse a portion of the damage.

The more a person swims or exercises in the water, the more range of motion they can achieve. Increasing flexibility is vitally important as a person ages. Many people limit their activity because exercise is painful. Given the opportunity to exercise in a swimming pool offers them a chance to improve their mobility with little to no pain. With regular exercise, they can regain their strength, improve their range of motion and reduce pain and swelling in various parts of the body caused by chronic illness.

With all of the physical benefits swimming has to offer, there are other benefits as well. The soothing feel of the water as a person floats or gently glides across the surface is extremely relaxing. Swimming provides health benefits on a holistic. Every part of the body, mind and spirit can benefits from regular aquatic exercise.



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Cigarettes Will Be Off the Shelves of CVS

Cigarettes Will Be Off the Shelves of CSVPersonally, I do not understand why nearly every drug store in the country sells liquor and tobacco products. That is why I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that CVS is now removing cigarettes from its shelves. Cigarette smoking, as we all know and as many tend to deny, are related to a whole lot of health conditions. From respiratory problems to cancer, the habit can have negative effects on almost, if not all, every part of the body. And I think other drug stores should follow in CVS’s footsteps.

A study conducted in 2011 found that more than 32% of pharmacies actually condone the sale of tobacco products. And the California Department of Public Health says that if things continue as they are, 15% of all cigarette sales in the country will be from these establishments, which is ridiculous since pharmacy services should be related to health care and not health demise!

A close friend of mine is an injury lawyer in Portland, Oregon. He said that smoking cigarettes results in nearly half a million deaths each year. That is about 1 in 5 deaths! Smoking deaths are more than the sum total of HIV deaths, illegal drugs, alcohol, auto accidents and firearm-related deaths.

obama cvs cigarettesEven President Barack Obama is impressed with the company’s move, saying “As one of the largest retailers and pharmacies in America, CVS Caremark sets a powerful example, and today’s decision will help advance my administration’s efforts to reduce tobacco-related deaths, cancer, and heart disease, as well as bring down health care costs — ultimately saving lives and protecting untold numbers of families from pain and heartbreak for years to come.”

Larry J. Merlo cvsIndeed, the company wants to set an example. Larry J. Merlo, the president and CEO of CVS Caremark stated that “Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS/pharmacy is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health. Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose.”

But that’s not all CVS has planned. CNN reports that the company will also be starting a smoking-cessation program which will focus on public health teachings to further increase people’s awareness about the dangers of smoking, as well as offer smokers the help that they need to successfully quit their nicotine addiction. Sure the number of smoker today is now down to just 19% as compared to the 42% in the 1960s, but still the habit has led to over 5 million deaths each year.

Various health associations in the US, such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Medical Association, American Lung Association and American Pharmacists Association have long been advocating to stop cigarette sales in retail outlets with pharmaceutical services, and CVS’s decision to cooperate will hopefully inspire other people, establishments and companies to support the cause.

cvs quits for good

“We need an all-hands-on-deck effort to take tobacco products out of the hands of America’s young generation, and to help those who are addicted to quit. Today’s CVS Caremark announcement helps bring our country closer to achieving a tobacco-free generation. I hope others will follow their lead,” shares Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. However, there still is no news of whether or not other drug stores plan on doing so.

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