Healthy Lunch Alternative at the Workplace

healthy-lunches-for-work-1There is something different going on where I work, and I have to say my co-workers and I are enjoying the change. We all work at Delsea Auto Insurance Agency and there’s a lunchroom available to us with a very small cafeteria. We can use the refrigerator located there if we decide to bring in our own lunches, or we can order from the lunchroom staff, but that’s not always appealing. It’s typically overpriced food that is not really all that palatable. Picture airport food, or something along the lines of hospital cafeteria food and you have the general idea.

Corporate must have noticed we weren’t taking advantage of the lunchroom offerings because, out of nowhere, we noticed renovations occurring. For about two weeks, we had to use one of the empty conference rooms as a temporary break room while construction occurred. When the final reveal was presented to the staff, we were dumbstruck. Not only did the lunchroom take on an entirely different look, but we had many more options available to us. We had more tables to dine at, there were more ports for us to plug our devices in to, televisions hung from two corners, there were two more windows (there was only one previously), and soft music played in the background.

We started noticing a change in how we felt immediately. The lunchroom’s vending machines filled with candy and soda were replaced with vending machines filled with juices, deli sandwiches, and healthy snacks. Instead of a al carte area where employees could choose microwaved slices of pizza, a hamburger, or some other quick option, higher quality foods were served. Now, we can order from a cold-served gluten-free menu, create salads from a fresh salad bar, and order fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Instead of drinking vending machine coffee, we can also drink premium coffees. This has made a difference because, in addition to tasting better, I don’t mind staying in the office longer instead of going out for coffee during breaks. It’s so much easier to run down the hall, grab a cup and select from one of the dozens of choices. This is especially true on busy workdays when I know the weather is bad and the last thing I want to do is fight traffic. This is true in the lunchroom, too. Instead of heading out for lunch, most of us decided to utilize the facilities. It’s more cost-effective and it’s a huge time saver. We could also hit up the lunchroom when we needed to stay late at work and needed a small snack.

I’m so thankful for these changes because before, when the old lunchroom was there, the only options for out of the office lunches were fast food. I don’t mind that every once in a while, but that kind of food always makes me feel sluggish. When I feel that way midday, it’s so difficult to get through the rest of my work. With healthier food and the ability to run in for a quick snack or good coffee, I feel so much better throughout the day.

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