How To Add a Fitness Area To Your Garage

How To Add a Fitness Area To Your GarageLooking to add a home fitness area to your garage? The process can be quite easy, and relatively inexpensive. From free weights to home gym systems to cardio equipment, you can easily equip your garage and turn it into your own home gym.

One benefit of turning your garage into a fitness area, is that it is typically a large, rectangular area that can be easily freed up for space. Simply park your car outside, clean the floor, and get rid of any extra clutter that you do not need. Then, add these pieces and get your workout started:

Lighting and Flooring

In order to get a good workout and be comfortable at the same time, you need to have the proper lighting.  You can find more information about all types of garage lights at  For the floor, a good thick rubber mat works best.


Home gym machines (like theses), typically called an ‘all-in-one machine’ are a great idea for the garage. Typically your garage will have enough room for you to move from one exercise to the next, and complete it correctly, which is important with home gym equipment.

Additionally, a home gym will come with its own resistance, which can save you money in the long run.

Free Weights

Whether you decide to purchase an all-in-one home gym, that comes equipped with multiple stations and weight plates or not, you will still want to have a good, quality set of dumbbells on hand. Free weights can really help you get into great shape quickly.

free-weightsYou will want a set of varying weights, from light to heavy, and you may even choose to purchase an adjustable set, that takes up less space. These are available from companies like Bowflex and Powerblock.

Those who lift very heavy weights will also want a barbell, and plates. A barbell breaks down easily, and can be stored in a corner, with the plates stacking one on top of the other. Great for saving space!

Cardio Equipment

If you have the room in your garage, you might consider purchasing a piece of cardio equipment, such as a stationary bike, a stair stepper or even an elliptical machine. Before investing in one of these, think about what you prefer to do when it comes to cardiovascular exercise: For example, if you hate to run, a treadmill might not be a wise investment. Think about which activity you are most likely to enjoy doing, and enjoy doing several times a week.

Cardio equipment is perfect for those who live in states with extreme cold (or hot) weather, where you cannot get out and run, walk or bike on a daily basis.

Additional Fitness Equipment

stability-ballAnd finally, you will want to round out your fitness area with pieces like a stability ball for abdominal work, a mat for pushups and sits, maybe a pull up bar, and even some resistance tubing for days when you do not want to work out with weights.

If you find that you are doing longer cardio workouts in your garage, mounting a television might be a good idea, too. It will give you something to watch while you work out, or install a stereo or MP3 system in order to play music while you exercise. Motivation is key. You might have the gym, but if you never use it, it will not work for you.

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