10 Reasons Why Exercise is Important to the Elderly Population

10 Reasons Why Exercise is Important to the Elderly PopulationAt an early age, we are already encouraged to have an active lifestyle, and we are also encourage to practice that lifestyle up until we grow old. But why is exercise especially important to older adults? Provided are 10 reasons why our elderly population should make a habit of exercising regularly.

#1 Exercise helps put off osteoporosis, one of the major health problems that occur in with old age. It does so by increasing bone strength.

#2 The elderly are also prone to slips and falls. This is because we tend to lose balance and coordination as we age. However, if people were to engage in balance and strength training, this can be delayed.

#3 Later on in life, people experience vertebral disk degeneration, which affects a person’s pulmonary function. Exercise can prevent this from happening, in turn preventing deformities in the thoracic cavity that decreases our capacity to breathe effectively.

#4 Regular exercise is known to maintain good cardiovascular activity. And with a healthy heart and vascular system, one is free from heart disease, the major cause of death and disability in older adults.

#5 Another health problem that plagues us is Type Diabetes or Non Insulin-Dependent Diabetes. Engaging in aerobic exercises helps regulate glucose levels in the blood, preventing the development of diabetes.

#6 You will notice that, when we lack exercise, our body becomes less flexible. It hinders us from achieving complete range of motion. Because of that, we are unable to perform certain activities like we used to. And this can be seen especially in older adults.

#7 A lot of older adults are concerned with being a burden to their loved ones. With proper exercise, you don’t have to be as it helps you maintain good functional capacity. It also helps maintain your independence, so you will be able to continue performing your activities of daily living.

#8 Those of us who undergo strength training know that this type of exercise can increase muscle mass that increases metabolism. This is highly beneficial to the elderly since aging brings about changes in body composition and organ function which lead to the decrease of metabolism and elimination.

#9 People who exercise also get to improve their mood. They don’t get stressed out so easily, and they get to avoid feeling depressed.

#10 As people age, they begin to experience loss, and they tend to lose this sense of belongingness. It would mean the world if they were able to join exercise groups so they would be able to have the social interaction they require.

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6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

6 Ways to Boost Your Immune SystemSo you’ve been sick in bed for the past couple of days. In fact, you’ve been feeling under the weather a lot lately. And now you’re wondering what is wrong. It’s probably due to a weak immune system. What causes that, you may ask? Well maybe you’re not taking care of your body the way you ought to. Our immune system is a bodily system that fights against foreign substances that can affect our health, and our immunity can be compromised by factors you might not even realize. See if you experience these factors, and find out what you can do to counter its effects.

If you don’t exercise regularly…

Without regular exercise, your immune system is compromised. So try to look for a physical activity that you enjoy. Even just a 30-minute walk in the park can elevate your feel-good chemicals, like endorphins, and make you sleep better, which helps boost immunity.

If you lack sleep…

Notice how you feel weaker after a few days of not having enough sleep. That is a testament to how some shut-eye is good for your health. Researchers have yet to find out exactly how sleep affects the immune system, but studies have been showing that people with enough sleep have lower levels of stress hormones and fewer signs of inflammation in the body.

If you don’t eat a healthy diet…

Many wonder why a sugary food items are bad for them. That is because it hinders the immune system from functioning at its maximum potential. You need a healthy diet, complete with all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The food pyramid wasn’t invented for nothing, you know.

If you’re a grouch…

Everyone gets stressed, but some people seem to be unable to handle it. When you’re stressed out a lot, stress hormones continue to suppress your immune system, which is why you’re always prone to sickness. It would be a good idea of you find a good way to blow off steam. Reach out to someone whom you feel you can share your problems with. If need be, sign up for counselling sessions. It also helps to laugh – genuinely laugh – because that actually minimizes a person’s stress hormone levels.

If you lack social interaction…

Speaking of reaching out to people, try not to isolate yourself. Several studies have shown that individuals develop s stronger immune system when they stay connected with family, friends and other loved ones.

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